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Just a quick tutorial to show you guys how to highlight all of your songs in your iTunes music library to delete them When you choose the certain music, click the three-dot More icon besides. Scroll down and click Delete to delete songs from iTunes on iPad or iPhone. Note: If you see Delete from My Music option only, then it means this song is not downloaded on your iOS device. Moreover, you can only remove this song from iTunes library Scroll through the music displayed in the main iTunes screen. Step 4 Right-click on any song you want to delete and select the Delete option from the drop-down menu. Click Move to Trash on the confirmation screen that pops up to permanently delete the song

Open the Music app. From the Library tab, select Albums or Songs, and find the track or album you wish to delete. Force-press (or long-press) the song/album and you'll be presented with options. If you had Copy files to iTunes Music folder when adding to library Checked in your Preferences - go into your iTunes Music folder which is in the iTunes folder and delete the files there - ONLY do this if they are copies of files held elsewhere!! The recyle bin is often not large enough to hold a lot of music files When the device is found, click the 'Music' header from under 'On my Device' in the menu bar on the left. Select the tracks you wish to delete from your iPhone. Hit the 'Delete' key on your keyboard, or right-click on one of your selected tracks, and click 'Delete from Library'. Confirm the deletion Use the desktop shortcut to delete the files directly. Hit the edit option on the menu and delete from there. Follow the conventional process- right click on the selected files and hit delete. For Windows OS, the option to choose is 'Send to recycling bin'

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  1. Delete All Songs from Apple Music Step 1. Go to Settings > General on your iPhone device. Step 2
  2. 1. Run iTunes on your Mac, and open your music library by clicking the Songs or Library in the middle-left panel. 2. Find the song that you don't need anymore to remove from iTunes library. 3. You can choose multiple songs and delete them from iTunes at once by holding the Command button. 4. Right-click the selected music and choose Delete from Library
  3. Click on the option that says Songs to view all of your songs stored in iTunes. Step 4. Choose the songs you want to delete on the right-hand side pane. Press and hold down the Command key if you want to delete more than one song
  4. To manually manage music, click the Summary tab, scroll to close to the bottom, and in the Options area, there will be an option to Manually manage music and videos. Select this option, and you should be able to delete songs and such from the On this iPhone tab

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Method 2: Delete music from iTunes from PC/Mac. One can easily delete music files in the iTunes library directly from a PC. To remove music from iTunes on a Mac or PC follow the following steps: Step 1 : Open iTunes on your pc or mac. Step 2 : Go to the iTunes library and find the song, songs or albums you want to delete and then select them Right-click the playlist and click Delete. If your keyboard has a Delete key, you can delete a playlist by clicking it and pressing Delete. iTunes will ask you to confirm that you want to delete the playlist. Don't worry: deleting a playlist does not delete any songs from your computer, so you can add them to other playlists later Open up iTunes from the Dock or your applications folder. From the File menu in the top menu bar, hover over Library and select Show Duplicate Items from the dropdown. This will display a list of items that share the same name and artist, so two songs with the same name by different people won't show up here

Delete a song from iPod touch via the Music app For the iPod touch running iOS 8.3 and earlier: Open Music app > Select songs you'd like to remove and tap it > Slide to the right until the Delete button appears > Tap the Delete button removes the unwanted songs You can select Music, Movies, TV Shows, Podcasts, iTunes U, Audiobooks, Applications, Ringtones, or Radio. Select the item. Or you can select an artist for the artist's entire oeuvre, or an album to select the entire album.. Press Delete/Backspace (or choose Edit→Delete) to delete

Whether you're not a fan of Apple Music or you'd just prefer to keep the service off your Mac, you can remove it from iTunes simply by checking a box—the Restrictions box, to be exact.. Note: This won't unsubscribe you to Apple Music; all we're doing here is removing the service from iTunes on your Mac Once you have done that, quit the Music app from task switcher and try deleting the songs that you want to get rid of. You can also delete entire albums by going to Album View. Step 3. To delete the songs, go to Settings, and then General, and Usage, and then Music. After that, tap on Edit, and then tap the Delete button to get rid of the music Method 1: How to Delete Music from iPhone But Not iTunes Using iOS Transfer iOS Transfer is a powerful program to help people manage any iOS devices like iPhone, iPad and iPod. By using this software, you can delete multiple or specific music files from iPhone and 100% ensure that they are not deleted from iTunes library AnyTrans - Delete iPad Music. Selectively or wholly delete songs from your iPhone. Transfer music from iPhone to iTunes and other devices in one click. Manage other data on iDevices, like photos, videos, contacts, messages, Notes, Apps, etc The best way to prevent iTunes duplicates is to store all your music in the iTunes media folder by default. If you download music from websites other than iTunes, choose the iTunes folder as your default download folder. Don't regularly transferring purchased music from your iOS devices to iTunes

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How to Delete a Playlist from iTunes 12 and Later Versions. Step 1. Open iTunes music window. Open iTunes and choose About iTunes to check its version. Then choose the small Music note on the top left corner to enter into the iTunes music view. Step 2. Delete a playlist from iTunes library. Choose Playlists to see all your iTunes. To Delete ALL Music from iPhone: Open the Settings app on iPhone. Tap Music. Under downloads, selected Downloaded Music. Tap Edit in the top right corner. To delete ALL music from your iPhone, tap the red circle next to All Songs. Select Delete. To selectively mass delete music, tap the red circle next to any artist's music you want to delete The ancient iPod has no option to delete anything directly from the device but Apple has included the delete option on iPod touch. In addition, you can now delete music directly from the device, including iPod, iPhone and iPad

iTunes sometimes can be hard to handle, you should grasp more using tips and tricks about iTunes. Part 3: How to Delete Music from iTunes on iPhone . You could also directly delete music from iTunes on iPhone by making use of the Music app on iPhone as long as you have logged in your iPhone and iTunes with the same Apple ID To delete a song, go to your iTunes library and find the song, songs, or album you want to delete (the steps here vary slightly depending on how you're viewing iTunes, but the basic ideas are the same in all views). To select a single song, click it once. To select multiple songs next to each other, hold down the Shift key while you click them Tap on the Music option in the upper-right corner and then click on the tab of My Music. 3. Find the song, songs or album you want to remove from iTunes. 4. Right-click on the chosen music, and then choose Remove Download to delete purchased local songs Can I Delete Songs from iTunes Playlists Directly. If you delete song under the playlists by right-clicking and choosing Delete, generally the songs will only be removed from the playlist but still kept on your computer. To make sure you delete the music permanently from your hard drive, you can try this new method for playlists. 1

How to Delete Songs from Apple Music on Mac and Windows PC. On Mac running macOS Catalina, you have to use the Music app (as iTunes is no longer available). For older Macs and Windows PC, you have to use iTunes. The rest steps are almost the same. Open Music app or iTunes. Click on Songs from the left sidebar To delete music from an iPhone gets quite confusing after Apple revamped the Music app. Here are some basic steps to remove a song off your iPhone: In the Music app on your iPhone, find the songs that you want to delete from your iPhone. If you see a download icon next to this music track, it's not downloaded to your device, but you can hide it

Then exit the iPhone section and go to your main music list on iTunes. From there, check off only the songs you want to sync. Then sync your iPhone. Also, on the iPhone, to delete a song, go to your Songs list and swipe left or right on a song's title How to Delete a Playlist from iTunes 12 and Later Versions. Step 1. Open iTunes music window. Open iTunes and choose About iTunes to check its version. Then choose the small Music note on the top left corner to enter into the iTunes music view. Step 2. Delete a playlist from iTunes library. Choose Playlists to see all your iTunes playlists. Then highlight one playlist you want to remove Apple Music doesn't delete your music files How Apple's music services all work is a little confusing, but in no way is the company interested in getting rid of your music library

Go to Settings on your iPhone. Select General > Usage > Storage > Music > Edit. Tap on Delete. Restart your iPhone and connect it to iTunes again. Sync your iTunes playlist manually. Conclusion. How do I mass delete duplicates in iTunes? If you have many duplicate songs your iTunes library, the instructions provided in this article can help Navigate your way to ~/Music/iTunes/, drag both 'iTunes Music Library.xml' and 'iTunes Library.itl' to the trash, and empty it. 7. Reopen iTunes. The light is green, the trap is clean

For more tips on managing songs on Apple Music, such as how to deleted Apple Music songs from iPhone/iTunes, remove duplicated songs in batch, convert and listen to Apple music on any MP3 player, and more just keep on reading. Part 3. Solutions to Delete Songs from Apple Music Library on iPhone. Step 1. Find Music icon on your iPhone. Step 2 Q: I use iTunes Match and I want to delete music from my iOS device to clear up space. I can't seem to do it from iTunes, and on my iPhone I'm only able to delete one track at a time If you set up your iPod to manually manage music, then deleting songs from iTunes will not delete them from your iPod. To manually manage: open iTunes; connect your iPod; right click the iPod icon (left side of the screen); click the box next to manually manage music and videos and follow the prompts

To delete files from an iPod Shuffle, connect the device to a computer containing the iTunes software application, and use the application to select the files on the device you wish to remove. The iTunes software application can be downloaded from the Apple website When the iTunes has opened, connect your iPhone to your computer. Once you've connected it, select your iPhone in the left side panel. Click on the 'My Music' tab to view your list of songs. Search for the song (s) or album (s) that you want to delete Go to General > Usage > Manage Storage. Wait for it to load; after it does so, tap on Music. Tap Edit in the upper right corner. Tap the red minus button next to All Songs, then tap Delete

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  1. So for iTunes delete duplicates function to work properly, you need to exclude everything that's not downloaded on your Mac. In iTunes, select View in the menu bar Only Downloaded Music. Next, you can show duplicates in iTunes music files: With iTunes open, click File in the menu bar. Select Library Show Duplicate Item
  2. Select music to erase from iPhone. You can check the box Select All and delete all the music file on iPhone in bulk. Step 3: Click Delete Music on the top to start to remove music from iPhone
  3. Sync only checked songs and videos was un-ticked. When an iOS device is connected to iTunes, under the device's Summary tab, the Options section has a checkbox Named Sync only checked songs and videos; this option enforces the removal of music that is not set to sync if it has been synced to the device in the past

The quick answer is yes. But there are some things you need to know before you delete your iTunes music library after initiating iTunes Match. Let's start from the beginning. iTunes Match is a new feature from Apple that utilizes iCloud to store all of your music. For $24.99 per year, you can upload all of your music to the cloud and then. Try playing any song from there and continue. Find the icon> tap Delete from Library>click Delete Song to complete deletion. Another shortcut: Click on the hidden remove option in the lower left corner (see the picture below), then tap Remove Download to get rid of the unwanted songs from your iphone 7 You need to have iTunes on your computer. It is designed to manage the content on your iPhone. If you don't have it, you can download it from Apple's website; it's. Undownloaded songs will be removed from iTunes library when you delete the playlist from iPhone. To save the songs to the library, go to Settings and tap Music, then toggle on the button Add Playlist Songs. 1. Open the Music app on iPhone and select Playlists at the top. Here are all your playlists, go to the playlist you want to delete. 2 For doing the same, you can follow some simple steps as: Highlight the audio files (duplicate version) that you wish to remove from the device. Delete the same on the keyboard. You can also choose the option Edit > Delete for deleting the same

First of all, you need to launch iTunes and then you can directly select My Music to list all songs on the iTunes library. After that, you'll see an interface like below and you can find and mark all songs you wish to remove, then hit Delete button to wipe them from iTunes library completely New iTunes Music Library.xml and iTunes Library.itl files will be created. Now if you wish, you can drag and drop your music files you want to get back to the main window of iTunes. The main folder for iTunes music is located at the path(s) above in the iTunes Music Delete Your Purchased Music from Music App or iTunes on Mac. If you are using macOS Catalina or later, you can use the Music app. In macOS Mojave or earlier, you need to delete tracks through iTunes. Open the Apple Music app on your Mac. Move the pointer to the song or album that you want to delete. Click on the three-dots menu Highlight the song files you want to remove. Drag your mouse over a series of files or hold down the Shift key and click each song file individually. Click on any of the highlighted files and drag them all to Trash or Recycle Bin on your desktop. Empty your Trash or Recycle Bin

The first is to delete songs in your iTunes library and have iTunes sync your library to your iPod automatically when you plug your iPod into the computer. The second is to manually delete music by resetting the options to a manual setting and deleting music directly from your iPod without affecting the songs in your iTunes library The duplicate finder built into iTunes doesn't really help either, as it will list duplicate tracks but won't help you select which tracks to remove. Help is at hand! Tune Sweeper quickly searches through your iTunes library and displays duplicate tracks in groups If you have downloaded the songs to iTunes or the Music app on your iPhone or iPad, however, you will still need to delete them manually using the method we outlined above. Comments iPhone Update.

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Import and convert music and video to iDevice friendly formats. Delete photos/videos in batch with a single click. De-duplicate the repeated contacts Fix & optimize ID3 tags,covers,song information Transfer music, photos without iTunes restrictions Perfectly backup/restore iTunes library I will tell you a method on how to delete Music from iPhone without iTunes. Users can use these three methods to remove/delete music from their iPhone. I have shared 3 different methods to delete music from iPhone. You can use an inbuilt method and other methods to delete music from iPhone. Users can delete music from iPhone 4, 5, 6, X. All these methods are working

Method 1. How to Delete iPhone Songs from iTunes. Though many iPhone users don't want to use iTunes, they'll admit iTunes is the easiest way to manage iPhone media files. If you want to delete music from iPhone, you can take fully advantage of iTunes That one can delete all music in the usage option is not obvious at all. (One would expect this option in the music settings in stead.) I had to delete all my music on the new iPod Touch 5G because the playlists skipped all songs while rolling through the playlist texts. Peculiar bug, that did not appear with newly downloaded songs Afterward, you can delete your iCloud music right from iTunes. Part 2: Manually rescan your iCloud Music Library to delete music Sometimes, we need to manually rescan iCloud music library with iTunes in order to delete certain tracks. Even though it is a time-consuming process, it is sure to provide the desired results Delete iPad music with iTunes on Mac/PC. The best way to delete music from iPad would be removing them first from the iTunes on your computer and then syncing your iPad. Here are the steps: Lanuch iTunes on your computer; Locate the songs you want to remove from iPad (normally you can find the iPad songs in a playlist);. 2. Next, Click music on the left 3. If iTunes says iCloud Music Library is on, turn it off. 4. Back to the iTunes, Sync Music also ensure that the option Entire music library is selected and click on the Apply button 5. iTunes will now transfer all the entire music in your library to the iPhone

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Open the Music app; Find the song, album, or playlist that you want to delete. Tap the More Options icon on the right side of the screen. Tap Delete. When prompted, tap Delete [Purchased or Playlist] to confirm. Using the step by step guide from above, you should now be able to delete all music on iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus to help clear space How to remove tracks and albums via Apple Music? Alternatively, you can delete all music with the help of the default Apple Music app. Again, it's very easy: Run Apple Music app, go to My Music tab, find a song you want to remove. Swipe left near it or tap three dots next to the song name. Tap the Delete button Nonetheless iTunes can be deleted from the Mac, but without a very good reason it should not be done. iTunes is integral to supporting other Apple features and hardware, ranging from the App Store to the iTunes Store, and without iTunes installed you won't be able to sync apps, music, books, movies, and anything else with an iPad, iPod, iPhone, or Apple TV Part II. The ways to remove the playlist of music from iPhone 6S / 7 / 8 (Plus) or iPhone X. The way to remove the music playlist, is similar to removing the multiple songs. So, some steps can be applied in this respect as well. The steps are showed as followed: 1. Turn off the iTunes match, so that it can proceed further: 2 Afterwards, when you sync iPhone with iTunes, remember to sync music so that the U2 album will also be removed from your iOS device. How to Delete U2 Album from iPhone. Another option to get rid of this album is by deleting it from the iPhone's own music library. Just follow the mentioned steps to delete the U2 album from your iPhone

From your iTunes library page, select the drop-down menu in the upper-left corner of iTunes, then choose Music. Select which music you want to copy from iTunes to your iPhone. To add multiple songs in one go, use keyboard shortcuts. Press and hold Ctrl.

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